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McHenry Community High School

Project Background

Located in McHenry, Illinois, McHenry Community High School, Center for Science, Technology, and Industry was established in 1969. With a growing number of students, surpassing 2,250 and building space of 70,000 sq. ft., this high school includes over 30 advanced placement and dual credit/enrollment courses such as Computer Science, Manufacturing, Engine/Automotive, and many more.

Diversity of furniture was needed for the types of rooms this high school was building. McHenry Community High School focuses on the learning environment and flexibility of student spaces from blended, group work, and independent learning. With the new additional classrooms, McHenry needed a furniture manufacturer that could build diverse products for rooms such as Biomed, Advanced Graphics, Communications, and Video Studio, Construction, and Robotics. This furniture install was completed in July 2021.


Classrooms Include

• Construction labs
• Engineering
• Robotics
• Business incubator
• Communications suite


Products Include

• ELO® Adapt XL Desks
• TORO Tables
• Elevate Plymouth Desks
• UNE-T Workstations
• Custom station for the news program

“With the diverse types of classrooms needed, we discovered Ben and WB Manufacturing. We valued their ability to build and customize a wide range of products. WB provided the exact products and designs our teachers were looking for.”

– Carl Vallianatos, Assistant Superintendent
McHenry Community High School, McHenry IL