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Pieper High School

Project Background

Pieper High School was established in 2021 with an enrollment of 2,600 students and a 492,000 sq. ft. building. Courses include CTE classes such as Architecture & Construction, Arts Audio/Video Technology, & Communication, Business, Marketing & Finance, Hospitality & Tourism, Education & Training, Health Science, Human Services, Law & Public Safety, STEM. This high school also offers Fine Arts & Spirit programs including Cheer, Dance, Theatre, Band, Choir, Orchestra, & Visual Arts.

The entire Comal Independent School District holds 25,000 students and included three high schools. With a growing community, the school district felt the need to build another high school. Schools in the area standardized their classroom furniture such as student tables and music storage from WB Manufacturing.


Classrooms Include

• Gaming rooms
• Fine Arts
• Music rooms

Products Include

• Custom REplay Cabinets
• Laminate Tops
• Custom Wall Module
• Elevate Plymouth Desk