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Evergreen Public Schools

Project Background

Located in Vancouver, Washington, Evergreen Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the state with 39 schools and 25,000+ students. This popular school district emphasizes personalized learning and collaborative instruction for all students

As mobile and modular storage has become more popular, this school district decided to replace their fixed storage with WB Manufacturing’s REplay® (mobile and modular) Storage. With the popularity of the REplay® Storage Collection, WB has become a standard for classroom furniture for Evergreen Public Schools. Install projects include Image Elementary School, Sifton Elementary School, and Emerald Elementary School.


Classrooms Include

• Classrooms
• Media centers

Products Include

• ELO® Clover Tables
• ELO® Link Tables with Frosty White Markerboard Tops
• Special Tall Cabinets
• ELO® Mini Nimbus Desks
• 5-Legged Square Tube Stools