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Winter School

Project Background

Located in Winter, Wisconsin, Winter School was established in 1976. Remodeling of the Biology, Chemistry, and art classrooms was needed. In addition, special areas were required such as Teacher Prep Area, Fab Lab, and Admin area.

Various WB Manufacturing furniture includes fixed CaseworkUSA® storage, LOBO Tables and 5-Legged Square Tube Stools are great for science classrooms where furniture keeps science equipment secure. As for art and fab labs, Winter School used our Tomah Workstations, Urban Edge Workstations, Reflection Workstations, and Tomah Workstations for collaborative group work, mobility, and easy storage.

Watch our video see how educational furniture is being used at Winter School, Wisconsin.


Classrooms Include

  • Teacher prep area
  • Fab lab
  • Admin area
  • Art room


Products Include

  • Reflection Workstations
  • Tomah Workstations
  • Circulation Desk
  • LOBO Tables
  • Elevate Pneumatic Adjustable Teacher’s Desk