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ELO® Rectangle Table

Our versatile ELO® tables have a variety of collaborative shapes, leg options and can be easily adapted for large groups, small teams or individual learning activities.

ELO® Rectangle Table

Our versatile ELO® tables have a variety of collaborative shapes, leg options and can be easily adapted for large groups, small teams or individual learning activities.


ELO Adj. (-ADJ) and Junior Adj. Legs (-EJA)

Top D" x L" Lotz AE™ Top (-ADJ) 3mm Top (-ADJ) Lotz AE™ Top (-EJA) 3mm Top (-EJA)
24 x 24 ELO7065-ADJ ELO6065-ADJ ELO7065-EJA ELO6065-EJA
24 x 30 ELO7066-ADJ ELO6066-ADJ ELO7066-EJA ELO6066-EJA
24 x 36 ELO7067-ADJ ELO6067-ADJ ELO7067-EJA ELO6067-EJA
24 x 42 ELO7068-ADJ ELO6068-ADJ ELO7068-EJA ELO6068-EJA
24 x 48 ELO7069-ADJ ELO6069-ADJ ELO7069-EJA ELO6069-EJA
24 x 54 ELO7070-ADJ ELO6070-ADJ ELO7070-EJA ELO6070-EJA
24 x 60 ELO7071-ADJ ELO6071-ADJ ELO7071-EJA ELO6071-EJA
24 x 72 ELO7072-ADJ ELO6072-ADJ ELO7072-EJA ELO6072-EJA
24 x 84 ELO7073-ADJ ELO6073-ADJ ELO7073-EJA ELO6073-EJA
30 x 36 ELO7078-ADJ ELO6078-ADJ ELO7078-EJA ELO6078-EJA
30 x 42 ELO7079-ADJ ELO6079-ADJ ELO7079-EJA ELO6079-EJA
30 x 48 ELO7080-ADJ ELO6080-ADJ ELO7080-EJA ELO6080-EJA
30 x 60 ELO7082-ADJ ELO6082-ADJ ELO7082-EJA ELO6082-EJA
30 x 72 ELO7083-ADJ ELO6083-ADJ ELO7083-EJA ELO6083-EJA
30 x 84 ELO7084-ADJ ELO6084-ADJ ELO7084-EJA ELO6084-EJA
30 x 96 ELO7085-ADJ ELO6085-ADJ ELO7085-EJA ELO6085-EJA
36 x 36 ELO7088-ADJ ELO6088-ADJ ELO7088-EJA ELO6088-EJA
36 x 42 ELO7089-ADJ ELO6089-ADJ ELO7089-EJA ELO6089-EJA
36 x 48 ELO7090-ADJ ELO6090-ADJ ELO7090-EJA ELO6090-EJA
36 x 60 ELO7092-ADJ ELO6092-ADJ ELO7092-EJA ELO6092-EJA
36 x 72 ELO7093-ADJ ELO6093-ADJ ELO7093-EJA ELO6093-EJA
36 x 84 ELO7094-ADJ ELO6094-ADJ ELO7094-EJA ELO6094-EJA
36 x 96 ELO7095-ADJ ELO6095-ADJ ELO7095-EJA ELO6095-EJA
42 x 42 ELO7098-ADJ ELO6098-ADJ ELO7098-EJA ELO6098-EJA
42 x 60 ELO7099-ADJ ELO6099-ADJ ELO7099-EJA ELO6099-EJA
42 x 72 ELO7100-ADJ ELO6100-ADJ ELO7100-EJA ELO6100-EJA
48 x 48 ELO7107-ADJ ELO6107-ADJ ELO7107-EJA ELO6107-EJA
48 x 60 ELO7108-ADJ ELO6108-ADJ ELO7108-EJA ELO6108-EJA
48 x 72 ELO7109-ADJ ELO6109-ADJ ELO7109-EJA ELO6109-EJA
48 x 96 ELO7111-ADJ ELO6111-ADJ ELO7111-EJA ELO6111-EJA

ELS Adj. (-ADJ), Junior Adj. Legs (-EJA) and Mini Adj. Legs (-MJA)

Top D" x L" Lotz AE™ Top (-ADJ) 3mm Top (-EJA) Lotz AE™ Top (-EJA) 3mm Top (-EJA) Lotz AE™ Top (-MJA) 3mm Top (-MJA)
24 x 24 ELS7065-ADJ ELS6065-ADJ ELS7065-EJA ELS6065-EJA ELS7065-MJA ELS6065-MJA
24 x 30 ELS7066-ADJ ELS6066-ADJ ELS7066-EJA ELS6066-EJA ELS7066-MJA ELS6066-MJA
24 x 36 ELS7067-ADJ ELS6067-ADJ ELS7067-EJA ELS6067-EJA ELS7067-MJA ELS6067-MJA
24 x 42 ELS7068-ADJ ELS6068-ADJ ELS7068-EJA ELS6068-EJA ELS7068-MJA ELS6068-MJA
24 x 48 ELS7069-ADJ ELS6069-ADJ ELS7069-EJA ELS6069-EJA ELS7069-MJA ELS6069-MJA
24 x 54 ELS7070-ADJ ELS6070-ADJ ELS7070-EJA ELS6070-EJA ELS7070-MJA ELS6070-MJA
24 x 60 ELS7071-ADJ ELS6071-ADJ ELS7071-EJA ELS6071-EJA ELS7071-MJA ELS6071-MJA
24 x 72 ELS7072-ADJ ELS6072-ADJ ELS7072-EJA ELS6072-EJA ELS7072-MJA ELS6072-MJA
24 x 84 ELS7073-ADJ ELS6073-ADJ ELS7073-EJA ELS6073-EJA ELS7073-MJA ELS6073-MJA
30 x 36 ELS7078-ADJ ELS6087-ADJ ELS7078-EJA ELS6078-EJA ELS7078-MJA ELS6078-MJA
30 x 42 ELS7079-ADJ ELS6079-ADJ ELS7079-EJA ELS6079-EJA ELS7079-MJA ELS6079-MJA
30 x 48 ELS7080-ADJ ELS6080-ADJ ELS7080-EJA ELS6080-EJA ELS7080-MJA ELS6080-MJA
30 x 60 ELS7082-ADJ ELS6082-ADJ ELS7082-EJA ELS6082-EJA ELS7082-MJA ELS6082-MJA
30 x 72 ELS7083-ADJ ELS6083-ADJ ELS7083-EJA ELS6083-EJA ELS7083-MJA ELS6083-MJA
30 x 84 ELS7084-ADJ ELS6084-ADJ ELS7084-EJA ELS6084-EJA ELS7084-MJA ELS6084-MJA
30 x 96 ELS7085-ADJ ELS6085-ADJ ELS7085-EJA ELS6085-EJA ELS7085-MJA ELS6085-MJA
36 x 36 ELS7088-ADJ ELS6088-ADJ ELS7088-EJA ELS6088-EJA ELS7088-MJA ELS6088-MJA
36 x 42 ELS7089-ADJ ELS6089-ADJ ELS7089-EJA ELS6089-EJA ELS7089-MJA ELS6089-MJA
36 x 48 ELS7090-ADJ ELS6090-ADJ ELS7090-EJA ELS6090-EJA ELS7090-MJA ELS6090-MJA
36 x 60 ELS7092-ADJ ELS6092-ADJ ELS7092-EJA ELS6092-EJA ELS7092-MJA ELS6092-MJA
36 x 72 ELS7093-ADJ ELS6093-ADJ ELS7093-EJA ELS6093-EJA ELS7093-MJA ELS6093-MJA
36 x 84 ELS7094-ADJ ELS6094-ADJ ELS7094-EJA ELS6094-EJA ELS7094-MJA ELS6094-MJA
36 x 96 ELS7095-ADJ ELS6095-ADJ ELS7095-EJA ELS6095-EJA ELS7095-MJA ELS6095-MJA
42 x 42 ELS7098-ADJ ELS6098-ADJ ELS7098-EJA ELS6098-EJA ELS7098-MJA ELS6098-MJA
42 x 60 ELS7099-ADJ ELS6099-ADJ ELS7099-EJA ELS6099-EJA ELS7099-MJA ELS6099-MJA
42 x 72 ELS7100-ADJ ELS6100-ADJ ELS7100-EJA ELS6100-EJA ELS7100-MJA ELS6100-MJA
48 x 48 ELS7107-ADJ ELS6107-ADJ ELS7107-EJA ELS6107-EJA ELS7107-MJA ELS6107-MJA
48 x 60 ELS7108-ADJ ELS6108-ADJ ELS7108-EJA ELS6108-EJA ELS7108-MJA ELS6108-MJA
48 x 72 ELS7109-ADJ ELS6109-ADJ ELS7109-EJA ELS6109-EJA ELS7109-MJA ELS6109-MJA
48 x 96 ELS7111-ADJ ELS6111-ADJ ELS7111-EJA ELS6111-EJA ELS7111-MJA ELS6111-MJA

ELS Fixed (-FX)

Top D" x L" Lotz AE™ Top (-FX) 3mm Top (-FX)
24 x 24 ELS7065-FX ELS6065-FX
24 x 30 ELS7066-FX ELS6066-FX
24 x 36 ELS7067-FX ELS6067-FX
24 x 42 ELS7068-FX ELS6068-FX
24 x 48 ELS7069-FX ELS6069-FX
24 x 54 ELS7070-FX ELS6070-FX
24 x 60 ELS7071-FX ELS6071-FX
24 x 72 ELS7072-FX ELS6072-FX
24 x 84 ELS7073-FX ELS6073-FX
30 x 36 ELS7078-FX ELS6078-FX
30 x 42 ELS7079-FX ELS6079-FX
30 x 48 ELS7080-FX ELS6080-FX
30 x 60 ELS7082-FX ELS6082-FX
30 x 72 ELS7083-FX ELS6083-FX
30 x 84 ELS7084-FX ELS6084-FX
30 x 96 ELS7085-FX ELS6085-FX
36 x 36 ELS7088-FX ELS6088-FX
36 x 42 ELS7089-FX ELS6089-FX
36 x 48 ELS7090-FX ELS6090-FX
36 x 60 ELS7092-FX ELS6092-FX
36 x 72 ELS7093-FX ELS6093-FX
36 x 84 ELS7094-FX ELS6094-FX
36 x 96 ELS7095-FX ELS6095-FX
42 x 42 ELS7098-FX ELS6098-FX
42 x 60 ELS7099-FX ELS6099-FX
42 x 72 ELS7100-FX ELS6100-FX
48 x 48 ELS7107-FX ELS6107-FX
48 x 60 ELS7108-FX ELS6108-FX
48 x 72 ELS7109-FX ELS6109-FX
48 x 96 ELS7111-FX ELS6111-FX


ELP Adj. (-ADJ) and Junior Adj. Legs (-EJA)

Top D" x L" Lotz AE™ Top (-ADJ) 3mm Top (-ADJ) Lotz AE™ Top (-EJA) 3mm Top (-EJA)
24 x 24 ELP7065-ADJ ELP6065-ADJ ELP7065-EJA ELP6065-EJA
24 x 30 ELP7066-ADJ ELP6066-ADJ ELP7066-EJA ELP6066-EJA
24 x 36 ELP7067-ADJ ELP6067-ADJ ELP7067-EJA ELP6067-EJA
24 x 42 ELP7068-ADJ ELP6068-ADJ ELP7068-EJA ELP6068-EJA
24 x 48 ELP7069-ADJ ELP6069-ADJ ELP7069-EJA ELP6069-EJA
24 x 54 ELP7070-ADJ ELP6070-ADJ ELP7070-EJA ELP6070-EJA
24 x 60 ELP7071-ADJ ELP6071-ADJ ELP7071-EJA ELP6071-EJA
24 x 72 ELP7072-ADJ ELP6072-ADJ ELP7072-EJA ELP6072-EJA
24 x 84 ELP7073-ADJ ELP6073-ADJ ELP7073-EJA ELP6073-EJA
30 x 36 ELP7078-ADJ ELP6078-ADJ ELP7078-EJA ELP6078-EJA
30 x 42 ELP7079-ADJ ELP6079-ADJ ELP7079-EJA ELP6079-EJA
30 x 48 ELP7080-ADJ ELP6080-ADJ ELP7080-EJA ELP6080-EJA
30 x 60 ELP7082-ADJ ELP6082-ADJ ELP7082-EJA ELP6082-EJA
30 x 72 ELP7083-ADJ ELP6083-ADJ ELP7083-EJA ELP6083-EJA
30 x 84 ELP7084-ADJ ELP6084-ADJ ELP7084-EJA ELP6084-EJA
30 x 96 ELP7085-ADJ ELP6085-ADJ ELP7085-EJA ELP6085-EJA
36 x 36 ELP7088-ADJ ELP6088-ADJ ELP7088-EJA ELP6088-EJA
36 x 42 ELP7089-ADJ ELP6089-ADJ ELP7089-EJA ELP6089-EJA
36 x 48 ELP7090-ADJ ELP6090-ADJ ELP7090-EJA ELP6090-EJA
36 x 60 ELP7092-ADJ ELP6092-ADJ ELP7092-EJA ELP6092-EJA
36 x 72 ELP7093-ADJ ELP6093-ADJ ELP7093-EJA ELP6093-EJA
36 x 84 ELP7094-ADJ ELP6094-ADJ ELP7094-EJA ELP6094-EJA
36 x 96 ELP7095-ADJ ELP6095-ADJ ELP7095-EJA ELP6095-EJA
42 x 42 ELP7098-ADJ ELP6098-ADJ ELP7098-EJA ELP6098-EJA
42 x 60 ELP7099-ADJ ELP6099-ADJ ELP7099-EJA ELP6099-EJA
42 x 72 ELP7100-ADJ ELP6100-ADJ ELP7100-EJA ELP6100-EJA
48 x 48 ELP7107-ADJ ELP6107-ADJ ELP7107-EJA ELP6107-EJA
48 x 60 ELP7108-ADJ ELP6108-ADJ ELP7108-EJA ELP6108-EJA
48 x 72 ELP7109-ADJ ELP6109-ADJ ELP7109-EJA ELP6109-EJA
48 x 96 ELP7111-ADJ ELP6111-ADJ ELP7111-EJA ELP6111-EJA
Metal Book Box -AB   Metal Book Box -LB   Metal Book Box -DB (n/a in Smooth Silver)   Plastic Book Box -P14 (ELO) Plastic Book Box -P23 (ELS, ELP)
Tote Tray Kit -TB   WIre Basket -LW   Swivel Cup Holder -SCH   Backpack Hooks -BPH
Silver Wire Basket Backpack Hooks
Eclipse™   Hemisphere™  
Dean Z Node®  
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ELO® Tables
Standard HPL*
Lotz Armor Edge™ is standard for edge band. If optional 3mm edge band is chosen, laminates shown below have matching 3mm edge banding unless otherwise noted.
WB Stocked ItemWhite
WB Stocked ItemFolkstone
PI SG241 -SD
Love Letters
PI AW300 -SD
WB Stocked ItemClassic Linen
WI 4943 -38
Vision Vava
NE VA2002 -SD
Cookies & Cream
PI AG130 -SD
WB Stocked ItemDove Grey
WI D92 -60
WB Stocked ItemGrey Nebula
WI 4622 -60
Looks Likatre
WB Stocked ItemBlack
WI 1595 -60
WB Stocked ItemAsian Night
NE WX1150 -SD
WB Stocked ItemLittle Black Dress
PI AE100 -SD
WB Stocked ItemBurnt Strand
FO 6307 -58
Wrought Iron
NE S6054 -SD
WB Stocked ItemSleeping In
Chocolate Warp
FO 5881 -58
Walnut Grove
PI WW050 -SD
WB Stocked ItemBuka Bark
WI 7982 -38
WB Stocked ItemFusion Maple
WI 7909 -60
WB Stocked ItemHardrock Maple
PI HP256 -SD
WB Stocked ItemHoney Maple
PI WM951 -SD
WB Stocked ItemBannister Oak
WI 7806 -60
WB Stocked ItemOiled Cherry
PI WC421 -SD
WB Stocked ItemAmerican Cherry
PI WC135 -SD
Earthen Warp
FO 5880 -58
PI AT988 -SD
Picnic in the Park
PI WA030 -SD
WB Stocked ItemAlmond
WI D30 -60
FO 6903 -58
WB Stocked ItemHollyberry
WI D307 -60
Fresh Papaya
NE S8001 SD
PI SY913 -SD
WI D498 -60
WI D502 60
Summer Vacation
Blueberry Hill
PI SB040 -SD
WB Stocked ItemWoolamai Brush
WI 4746 60
† Matching edge banding is not available for these patterns, see below. *Laminates noted with WB prefix are stocked options. All laminates above are standard options; Available quantities, sizes and lead times may vary based on market fluctuation. Contact customer service for lead time.
HPL with Solid Complementary 3mm Edge Band
† Matching edge banding is not available for these patterns.
Vision Vava
NE VA2002 -SD
WB Stocked ItemFolkstone

Love Letters
PI AW300 -SD

Chocolate Warp
FO 5881 -58
Nubian Brown

Looks Likatre
Wrought Iron

Dry-Erase Markerboard*
WB Stocked ItemFrosty White
WI 1573 1
* Markerboard laminate is a non-standard finish and is priced accordingly throughout the catalog. Other color options are available with extended lead times, see next page or visit
Standard Chemical Resistant HPL*
WB Stocked ItemChemical Resistant Black
* Chemical Resistant laminate is a non-standard finish and is priced accordingly throughout the catalog. Other color and finish options are available with extended lead times and possible upcharges. For specific color matching, please request color chip from the manufacturer.
Lotz Armor Edge™
Black Lotz Armor Edge™ is default, colors are available upon request. Rhapsody shelves only available with Black Lotz Armor Edge™.
Dove Grey
Slate Grey
Premium Finishes
Contact Estimating for details on pricing.
Non-Magnetic Writable Surface
Frosty White (-52MB) is the only stocked writable surface. ALL non-magnetic writable surfaces are priced through out the catalog as -__MB
FO 934 -90
FO 9313 -90
FO 927 -90
Liquid Glass
FO 8240 -90
FO 5349 -90
FO 928 -90
Spectrum Blue
FO 851 -90
Marine Blue
FO 914 -90
FO 8796 -90
Vibrant Green
FO 6901 -90
Solar Orange
FO 8235 -90
FO 2962 -90
FO 8238 -90
Stop Red
FO 839 -90
FO 6903 -90
^Swatch has been darkened to visualize pattern.
ELO® Leg Colors
Textured Black N/A on ELP, ELS-MJA and ELS-FX
Smooth Silver
Textured Black
Tote Tray Colors
*Colors N/A on Wedge Tote
Cyan Blue*
Royal Blue
Plum Purple*
Flame Red
Tropical Orange*
Sunshine Yellow
Lime Jolly*
Grass Green