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There’s a lot of talent that goes into making our company a success. There’s the skilled workers who build the furniture, the designers who create the spaces, the salespeople who sell our products and the customer service members who ensure you receive top-level service.  

But there’s also individuals who work behind the scenes to promote our brand, story and the solutions we offer. Can you guess who?  

It’s our marketing team!  

Our marketing team is always coming up with creative ways to promote our company and products to our customers. They’ve used almost every marketing tactic under the sun including sending out emails, posting on social media, keeping our website in tip-top shape, making sure the catalog is up-to-date and accurate, creating flyers and so much more!

Meet each team member of our marketing team below.  

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director of marketing jenny burkhardtJenny Burkhardt 

Director of Marketing 

Our Director of Marketing Jenny Burkhardt handles chaos like a queen! 

As the head of our marketing team, Jenny currently evaluates all marketing requests to ensure we’re being efficient and broadcasting as best we can. She also helps prioritize workloads and makes sure the team is always clear on project direction before moving forward. 

But that’s not all! She also sits on two committees she jointly established – our Continuous Improvement Committee and our What’s Up Committee. These committees were formed to ensure employee feedback is listened to so we can continue to create a work environment that everyone enjoys. 

When she’s not working or playing the role of chaos coordinator in her personal life, she loves coaching and watching her father-in-law pull his tractor throughout the summer. She also enjoys having dates with each of her four kids to have one-on-one quality time. 


brand manager stacie vetschStacie Vetsch 

Brand Manager 

If you need a recommendation on the best coffee shop or bakery in town, our Brand Manager Stacie Vetsch is the person you need to ask!

Stacie is not only a coffee shop/bakery expert, but she also excels in her role at WB. One of her main responsibilities is overseeing the creation of marketing campaigns and initiatives, and guiding the development of creative toolkits. She also works with cross-functional teams and departments to ensure we’re aligned, consistent and effective in our brand messaging. 

While she’s only been here for a short time, she’s enjoyed being part of the welcoming community that is the educational furniture industry. The opportunity to positively impact the learning environments of future leaders has also been a very rewarding experience! 

During her free time, she enjoys reading books, bowling, traveling, playing piano, listening to true crime and paranormal podcasts, game night with family and friends, and hanging out with her two dogs!  


senior digital marketer janell palmerJanell Palmer 

Senior Digital Marketer 

Say hello to our Senior Digital Marketer Janell Palmer!

Janell manages our website, assists with catalogs, dabbles in graphic design and keeps our office plants looking luscious and healthy! (She’s a plant whisperer, after all.) 

With six years of experience in the educational furniture industry, she enjoys seeing how our high-quality products make a positive impact on schools across the country. 

In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and fur babies. She also likes crafting, working on DIY projects, and growing succulents and other plants! 


senior marketing and communications specialist diane jacqueDiane Jacque 

Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist 

Need someone to check the details to make sure everything is accurate? Our Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist Diane Jacque has your back.

Diane works closely with a variety of different departments to ensure we get all pertinent and accurate info into our catalog, master price list and website. Some of these details can be last minute too – especially when an Engineering Change Order (ECO) comes through! But we can always count on Diane for accuracy. 

And believe it or not, working with details is what she enjoys most about her job! 

When she’s not working, you can find her camping, summer fishing, thrifting, going to the movies and traveling. 


marketing and communications specialist macayla lewallenMacayla Lewallen 

Marketing & Communications Specialist 

Meet our Marketing & Communications Specialist Macayla Lewallen.

Here’s a fun tidbit about Macayla: she first joined our team in 2017 as general labor! She was a kitter, proceeded into doweling, and then worked as a custom cabinet builder. Later, she was promoted to a Casegoods BOM Specialist and then moved her way over to our marketing team! 

In her current position, Macayla is in charge of creating and keeping our specification sheets and assembly instructions up-to-date! She also creates renderings and helps with our internal marketing. She loves that her role allows her to be creative in her thinking and doing! 

When she’s not working, you can find her woodworking, knitting, thrifting and spending time with family.


marketing and communications specialist heather hodowanicHeather Hodowanic 

Marketing & Communications Specialist 

Have you ever received a marketing email from us?  

If so, it’s time you meet the expert behind our emails: our Marketing and Communications Specialist Heather Hodowanic. Heather’s main goal is to provide our audience with valuable content through our email marketing campaigns. She’s also our in-house photographer, and assists with social media and other projects as needed. She loves that she gets to be creative! 

In her free time, she likes to spend time with family, attend her son’s sporting events, go on trips, bake, enjoy summer activities and watch movies! 


social media manager ciara hurrishCiara Hurrish 

Social Media Manager 

Ever wonder who’s behind our social media posts? It’s this gal right here! 

Our Social Media Manager Ciara loves creating fresh and exciting social content that keeps our audience engaged. She’s also our go-to for writing blog posts and other forms of marketing copy! 

When she’s not managing our social media, you can catch her hanging out with her cats, going on adventures with her husband, or spending time outdoors in the summer.  




graphic designer justin langJustin Lang 

Graphic Designer 

Our Graphic Designer Justin specializes in designing marketing collateral that effectively communicates our message to customers. 

With 4 years of experience in the educational/furniture industry, he enjoys the difference we make in students’ lives with the unique product offerings we provide to schools. 

In his free time, he enjoys rearranging furniture, watching football, and building things with Lincoln Logs and Legos! 




marketing intern lucy waschbusch Lucy Waschbusch

Marketing Intern

Our Marketing Intern Lucy assists with various marketing projects, allowing her to put what she learns in school into practice! This experience also allows her to understand how a real marketing department operates.

As our intern, she enjoys seeing the finished products in schools and the big difference we can make in their space.

When she’s not working or in class, you can find her running, skiing, watching Badgers games, traveling and enjoying the outdoors!




marketing assistant ashley soellerAshley Soeller

Marketing Assistant

Meet the newest addition to our marketing team, Ashley Soeller!

Ashley started as our marketing assistant this month and helps with a variety of different projects. Previously, she worked on the floor as a machine operator!

Her favorite part about working in the educational furniture industry is seeing our products out in the real world.

When she’s not working, you can find her riding her side-by-side/UTV or playing video games.